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A little about us

About Nuriza

Nuriza Portugal Properties is a real estate company based in Portugal offering clients a wide variety of property options in amazing locations.

Whether your out on holiday or at home seeking to buy or invest in property abroad, take advantage of our highly recommended, specialised one on one property tours! Our professional, friendly and experienced property experts are ready to help! Let us transform your search into an easy, amazing and wonderful experience.

At Nuriza our property experts will help you to short list appropriate properties from the hundreds available in our portfolios.

Contact our team now and let us find the "one".

Work with us

Why would you choose to use Nuriza Portugal Properties services? Nuriza know´s the amount of time and effort that goes into searching for the perfect property.

Nuriza allocate's all clients their very own property expert. Each expert will make contact to run through the initial process making sure the clients requirements are clearly understood, This allows them to prepare all potential options and locations available, ensuring future decisions are made with ease. We believe that by taking 3 simple steps along side Nuriza clients will reach the desired outcome:

  • Step 1. Pinning down the "location" (this often is the heart of the matter)
  • Step 2. Viewing all "property" matches.
  • Step 3. Providing all necessary "information" in order to purchase property in Portugal.

High rise living

Storks are amazing creatures that love to build their nests up high on chimneys and various other places throughout different towns and villages of the Algarve.

Returning to their nests each year, it’s not unusual to see a series of “stork homes” perched on tall buildings where the offspring have chosen to build close to their birth nest. If you’ve ever wondered why you see so many ancient commercial chimneys still standing tall in areas that have been demolished and/or redeveloped, it’s because it’s against the law in Portugal to demolish or disturb a stork’s nest.

Nuriza’s logo has the Stork incorporated as it symbolises protection and where ever this amazing creature builds it’s home they know they are protected. It is the same when purchasing property in Portugal, the client is protected and is left with peace of mind when securing their dream home.